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Through custom design, stand alone graphics & quality production, Unassisted Co. creates the provisions for the people that hold a true passion for the game of baseball. We aim to bring purpose to clothing- creating not just a brand but a lifestyle. We are here to combine a retro baseball feel with modern baseball culture by providing you with badass content, events, apparel and accessories. We believe that you should be able to dedicate yourself to a lifestyle without limitation; to express America's greatest game through the clothing you wear.

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Unassisted Co.

Who are we? It’s a question we pondered for awhile when creating this brand. Our problem wasn’t that we didn’t know who we are, we just didn’t know what personality to show. Off the field it was a laid back, have a good time & enjoy what we’ve got going for us, but when it came to baseball we were a completely different monster. Good is what we wanted to be on our worst days, we spent hours at the gym & even more hours on the field, perfecting our craft, taking hacks and tossing pitches. We were leaders, teachers, fighters and all around maniacs that would do anything for the betterment of the team and ourselves. We yelled and screamed and didn’t let anyone shut us up. We were and we are baseball players. Even though the cleats are hung and the jerseys are in the back of the closet we still feel that fire and passion and we needed a place to light it. So here it is, Unassisted… Welcome to the Wild Ones of baseball, we’re happy you found your people.

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